Full Partner 5 (DZMB)


Department of Zoology-Marine Biology, University of Athens

DZMB has long experience in marine environmental research especially in coastal areas and estuaries. Studies are focused on biodiversity of benthic communities, including impact of anthropogenic disturbance on biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem functioning with emphasis on brackish water lagoons.

Key competencies and facilities

DZMB is well equipped with field measuring instruments and sampling equipment (electrodes, water and benthic samplers) as well as with laboratory equipment and analysers (carbon analyser, histology equipment, image analysis). Expertise in: Effects of bioturbation by invertebrates on benthic ecosystem; Distribution of invertebrate, exotic and protected species; Population biology, growth, development and feeding; Soft bottom communities; Impact of pollution at organism or community levels.

Key persons involved

Prof. A Nicolaidou (Benthic ecology, brackish water lagoons). Prof. M Thessalou-Legaki (Population biology and fisheries biology of decapods).

Previous training programs and research

Staff is involved in the teaching of the MSc course "Oceanography and management of the marine environment" and supervised many PhDs. Projects related to MPAs/Natura sites: Quantitative study of the Fauna of the N. Sporades Marine Park (EEC, Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works); The Mediterranean Monk Seal in Greece: Conservation in Action (EU/DG XI, LIFE-Nature B4-3200/96/500); Subproject: Study of the natural environment of sites Karpathos, Kassos, Milos, Polyaigos, Fournoi; Effect of environmental factors, especially of noise, on the sea turtle Caretta caretta at Laganas Bay (Zakynthos, Greece) (Greek Civil Aviation Service); Benthic fauna inventory at the National Marine Park of Zakynthos (Management Body of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, and EU Programme: Environment); Inventory, identification, evaluation and mapping of the habitat types and flora and fauna species in Greece (EEC DGXI-Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works-Greek Ministry of Agriculture, Life).


Prof. Nicolaidou Artemis

Faculty of Biology, Department of Zoology-Marine Biology

Athens (Greece)

Phone: +30 727-4359 - Fax: +30 727-4359


MMMPA - Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement no.: 290056.

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