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Studio Associato Gaia s.n.c.

GAIA is a RTD performing SME founded in 2005 by Dr. Antonio SarÓ and Dr. Martina Milanese (both Marine Biologists and PhDs at the University of Genoa) to integrate and formalize the capacities and expertise developed as University assistants and researchers. Scientific topics of interest include marine ecology and zoology, aquaculture, marine biotechnology, climate change. Resources are being invested at the interface between science and society, ranging from the public perception/awareness of marine sciences to the socio-economic evaluation of natural assets.

Key competencies and facilities

Laboratory and field research (u/w), systematic reviewing/meta analysis, tutoring and training activities related to the topics mentioned above. Scientific project set up, coordination and management (including administrative work, internal reporting, dissemination and financial management). Dissemination to a broad range of audiences including the general public, the academia and practitioners (hands-on science, science popularisation, u/w activities including filming, design of dissemination material, reports for selected target audiences, organisation of scientific meetings/congresses). Further information is available at

Key persons involved

Dr. A. Sarß (managing director, marine scientist, pc expert, project MGT); Dr. M. Milanese (managing director, marine scientist, scientific diver, project MGT).

Previous training programs and research

GAIA has set up, managed and performed cooperative training and research projects involving Mediterranean Third Countries and Marine Protected Areas, as well as 6FP and 7FP research/dissemination projects (INTERMED - 6FP; 4SEAS - 7FP; SPECIAL - - 7FP).


Dr. Martina Milanese

Studio Associato Gaia

Via Brigata Liguria, 1/9 Scala A, 16121 Genova, Italy 

Phone: +39 010 3538209



MMMPA - Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement no.: 290056.

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