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Hellenic Centre for Marine Research


HCMR ( is the major Governmental Marine Research Centre of Greece. It consists of 5 Institutes focusing on: Oceanography, Fisheries, Marine Biology - Genetics, Aquaculture, Inland Waters. The staff totals approximately 480 including 34 crew members of the oceanographic vessels Aegeao, Philia, Alkyoni, the submersible Thetis and ROVs operators. The Institute of Oceanography (IO) is the largest of HCMR: 144 personnel and about 50M€ income from EU/national funded projects (last 5 years). 

Key competencies and facilities

The IO hosts sophisticated instruments for physico-chemical, geo-chemical and biological processes, identification of macrozoobenthic species, biomass determination and to develop novel techniques. Access is provided to taxonomic and environmental databases. Extensive knowledge on benthic ecology, taxonomy and zoogeography of benthos, pollution assessment studies and Ecological Quality status classification, macroinvertebrate indices, GIS, and web-based applications.

Key persons involved

Dr. S. Reizopoulou (Associate Researcher, benthic ecology, impact assessment, national/international projects undertaking WP responsibility, or as project coordinator. Contact person for WFD implementation in Transitional Waters in Greece). Dr. M.A. Pancucci-Papadopoulou (Senior Researcher, marine benthic taxonomy, ecology of soft/hard bottoms, alien species in Greek waters, marine environmental education. Member of the "Group 5" experts - Streamlining European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators, SEBI2010). Dr E. Krasakopoulou (Associate Researcher, biogeochemical cycling, dynamics of bioelements in transitional, coastal and open sea environments, thermodynamics of the CO2-carbonate system, air-sea exchange of CO2. National and EU projects). Dr N. Simboura (Associate Researcher, benthic ecology, development of benthic indices).

Previous training programs and research

HCMR-IO has been involved in all FP, as coordinator or partner, as e.g., MEDATLAS, INTERPOL, ADIOS, EUR-OCEANS, TWReferenceNET, ESONET, IASON, HERMES, MERSEA, SEADATANET, SPICOSA, EMODNET, HERMIONE, EMSO, SESAME, FREESUBNET (Marie Curie ITN), ECOSUMMER (Marie Curie ITN), 2010TOGETHER (Marie Curie/Researcher's Night).


Dr. Sofia Reizopoulou

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Institute of Oceanography

47km, Athinon-Souniou Ave
P.O.Box 712, 19013
Anavyssos - Greece

Tel: +30 22910 76383
Fax: +30 22910 76347



MMMPA - Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement no.: 290056.

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