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UBICA Underwater Bio-Cartography s.r.l.

Underwater Bio-Cartography (UBICA) is a small-medium enterprise (SME) for research technology and development (RTD), it is a spin off from the marine research branch of the University of Genoa, established in 2009. Its aim is to develop and implement innovative 3D interface in marine cartography, integrating the experience in underwater biodiversity and oceanographic surveys acquired by its researchers. Such innovative approach provides punctual and rigourous knowledge of the marine ecosystem, especially in coastal rocky habitat where 2D representations underestimate its complexity. Moreover the 3D representation of the underwater world has a wide application as a dissemination tool, reproducing habitats difficult to be explored commonly. UBICA has also strong competencies in marine research applied to the coralligenous and tropical ecosystem with particular regards to monitoring and restoration of the damaged reefs.

Key competencies and facilities

Field research in the marine coastal environment; Statistical analyses and spatial data analyses; Research on graphic programming language; Development of 3D cartography of coastal marine habitats; 3D graphic animation and rendering; Video editing and dissemination material.

Key persons involved

M. Palma (managing director, environmental scientist, scientific diver), G. Landi (environmental scientist, computer graphic), Dr M. Previati (Biologist, scientific diver).

Previous training programs and research

UBICA has taken part in a number of national research projects providing technical/research support including: Biological survey of underwater caves in MPAs (Capo Caccia, Plemmirio and Pelagie Isand), 3D cartography characterising the biocenoses in Secche di Tor Paterno STP-MPA (Roma); Creation of a 3D diving simulator, which reports the biocenosis of a site in STP-MPA. A complete overview of UBICA research and training activity is available at


Dr. Marco Palma

UBICA s.r.l. - Underwater Biological Cartography
via San Siro 6 int. 1, 16124 Genova Italy

Phone: +39 347 7346931

MMMPA - Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement no.: 290056.

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